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Pasadena Texas Garage Door is a family owned and operated team of garage door experts. We offers services in all garage door areas from repair to installation. One of our specialties is garage door opener installation. We can provide the perfect opener with the latest technology for the lowest cost on the entire market. Contact our office now to speak with someone about your new opener.

Pro Opener Repair

Your garage door opener is not just a convenience, it is also an added protection measure. These handy little devices shield your family from the elements and your property from would be thieves. If yours is on the fritz, call our office today and allow one of our garage door experts to drop by and inspect it. It may be that it requires a bit of reprogramming or adjustment to work like new again. It may also be that your sensors are misaligned. Any of these opener repair tasks takes very little time to correct.

Pro Opener Replacement

All machines break down after a period of time. No matter how much money you pay for it, it can only take so much use and abuse. We would love to hear from you today and present you with your many technologically advanced choices. Garage door openers are still extremely handy; however, they now have additional features. There are also several options of basic features to choose from. Allow Pasadena Texas Garage Door to visit your home today to discuss our best garage door opener system deals.

One of the latest tech features garage door opener companies are offering is known as a Rolling Code. Your garage door codes changes with every single use. Once you open or close your door a new code is computer generated and the opener is auto-programmed to the new one.

While technology is advancing so are the thieves of the world. They prey on unsuspecting home owners waiting for them to open their garage doors with an auto-device. They then steal your code and enter your home when you leave. Even worse they may enter while your family is sleeping at night. The Rolling Code prevents these tragedies and provides you with restful peace of mind.

Pro Opener Installation

Pasadena Texas Garage Door techs are highly experienced in installing garage door openers regardless of how technologically advanced they are. We have been providing this service for many years and we strive to remain updated in all garage door areas. Our crew knows all of the greatest brands, handiest features, and biggest discounts anywhere on the current market. The entire process can be completed in a snap for an extremely low cost.

Pro Rescue

Remember that garage door openers require routine maintenance like all other machines to keep the running smoothly. Call and ask us to inspect yours for an annual check up to extend its life by several years. In the event that your garage door suddenly stops working, it can cause a great deal of hassle. Call Pasadena Texas Garage Door any time of day or night should you be trapped with a faulty opener. We will be happy to come and rescue you to assist you in smoothing out the rest of your day.

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"My garage door wouldn't open and it was already late. I called few different garage door companies and Pasadena Texas Garage Door was The only one that said they could come out that day. Mike (the owner) came and did the repair very quickly as well. 5 stars!"

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