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Spring Repair and Replacement

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Pasadena Texas Garage Door is exceptionally trained to deal with springs. While it is frustrating when garage door springs malfunction, it is also seriously dangerous. It is best to hire someone who has experience repairing, replacing, and installing them. It can quite literally be the difference between life and death. We want to keep you and your family safe so call n us today to fix or replace your garage door springs.

Springs Simplified

Your garage door springs act as a counterbalance for the weight of your door. It controls the burden so you are able to open and close it effortlessly. There are currently two basic styles of garage door springs available. These are extension springs and torsion springs.

You will find extension springs over the garage door’s upper tracks on either side. On the other hand, torsion springs are located right above your garage door while it is in the closed position. Once the springs break or snap the door is jammed. It is essential not to attempt to force the garage door open. This can be a life threatening situation which can damage the door as well as injure your person.

There are cases in which the door may fall when the spring snaps which makes this issue one the most serious concerning springs. The weight of the door can easily inure anyone that may be in the path of its fall. You should have someone there to help or, better yet, hire a garage door tech.

We Know Springs

Pasadena Texas Garage Door is a group of individuals who are experts in garage door matters. This includes both springs and cables. Safety cables are another essential element of your garage door. They are also another serious threat to your person. We are well aware of the dangerous that these types of projects involve. Our crew is highly trained to replace your garage door springs without mishap.

Life Expectancy

Garage door springs do not generally include a predicted life expectancy in terms of time such as ten years. The length of time that springs last is based on use. Logically machines only function for certain amount of time and the more they are used the quicker they wear out. Springs are sold based on the number of cycles that they are capable of handling.

A complete cycle consists of the door being raised and closed one time. The average number of cycles a garage door can handle is 10,000 though some are designed to last longer. It is important to have your entire garage door inspected and lubricated. The longest recommended period of time between each session is about one year. If it is performed more frequently, your garage door and all of its components will last longer. If you do wait to have maintenance performed on your garage door visually examine your springs once every couple of months for worn or damaged spots to be safe.

Remember we are here anytime you need us. Just give us a call, night or day. We will be delighted to perform your annual garage door maintenance or you may schedule these appointments semi-annually. Pasadena Texas Garage Door can attend to any and all of your garage door issues.

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"My garage door wouldn't open and it was already late. I called few different garage door companies and Pasadena Texas Garage Door was The only one that said they could come out that day. Mike (the owner) came and did the repair very quickly as well. 5 stars!"

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