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Pasadena Texas Garage Door is proud to have been service our beautiful community for a number of years now. Our most important goals are to offer the highest level professionalism in the industry and 100% client satisfaction. We offer the lowest quote and utilize only top quality products. Give us a call today and ask about our repair service prices.

Pro Repair Basics

Garage door malfunctions generally start out small and compound, if left unattended. A bit of worn out hardware requires only a little time and a nominal cost to resolve. Left alone it will cause further damage, malfunctions, and repair costs. Your property and family are also placed in jeopardy.

Your garage door keeps a barrier between them and the weather elements. It also shields them and your property from criminals. One small breakdown and these functions are dangerously compromised.

Look at a few of our basic services:

  1. Track and Spring Adjustment
  2. Hinge and Roller Lubrication
  3. Hardware Check, Tightening, and Replacement
  4. Cable and Drum Adjustment
  5. Sensor and Close Limit Adjustment

Commonplace Garage Door Issues

Garage door springs are generally fist in line to malfunction; however, there are many other components in the race. Extension spring cable pulleys are fairly common and many times overlooked. It is slightly difficult to diagnose this malfunction. This is only one of the reasons that it is best to allow an expert garage tech to handle it.

Cables fray over the years of use and abuse. This is a basic, but serious repair issue. The safety cables control the weight of your garage door. Frayed cables can cause the door to suddenly drop and anyone it its path can be crushed or maimed. It is important to call in a professional to replace safety cables because they are experienced in the very real dangers of this task.

Photo eyes need only be bumped to be knocked askew. This is an extremely common issue for garage door malfunctions. It prevents the garage door from opening and closing properly. A misaligned sensor can actually prevent your garage door from opening at all. It only requires a few moments, knowledge, and a bit of patients to rectify.

Pro Inspection and Maintenance

Pasadena Texas Garage Door carefully inspects every garage door prior to repairing it. This provides us and our clients with the information we need to resolve any issue. We ensure that everything is in working order and take precise notes of what is not. Our crew will sit with you to discuss exactly what is necessary and what the cost will be. We know all of the best brands and the biggest discounts. We will never skimp on quality, but save you a bundle in the end.

Pasadena Texas Garage Door offers comprehensive maintenance services. This includes the initial inspection to ensure your door is in tip top shape. Our team will take note of all worn, broken, and defective hardware so that we may systematically replace it. Our team will also thoroughly lubricate all of your garage door’s moving parts with a premium quality lube. This alone can add years to your garage door. Call us night or day for all of your garage door repairs. We are always here for you.

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"My garage door wouldn't open and it was already late. I called few different garage door companies and Pasadena Texas Garage Door was The only one that said they could come out that day. Mike (the owner) came and did the repair very quickly as well. 5 stars!"

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